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Sedation Dentistryin Goodlettsville, Tennessee

All you have to do is simply take a little pill, and most of our patients say it feels as though they have slept through the entire procedure and that they do not remember a thing about their appointment. Sedation dentistry has ever been easier or more accessible.

We have the latest dental technology, perform minimally invasive dental techniques, but many of our patients still suffer from a great fear of the dentist. Their past bad dental experiences and fear of pain can cause great stress and anxiety before they even walk through our doors.

Many times, just walking through the front door of the office for the first time, is the most difficult part of getting their dental care completed. If you happen to be one of the millions of people who have ignored their dental problems because of anxiety and fear, you can now take a deep breath and relax.

Dr. Weaver understands your concerns and offers sedation dentistry Hendersonville for a uniquely exceptional dental experience. He has personally provided patients with over 3,000 sedation dentistry experiences. His office team has provided over 5,000 total sedation dentistry patient experiences.

Here at our practice, we find that our patients can safely have years of dental work completed in one visit. We find that even very long visits in the dental chair can be comfortable for patients choosing the sedation dentistry option. It makes everything easier.

How does all this work?

Typically, you will take medication before your treatment appointment. The amount and type of medication will be determined at your initial consultation. Our goal is to have you feeling very sleepy, but still able to respond to verbal stimulus when needed. While you’re under the effects of sedation, Dr. Weaver and his expert team will perform the dental procedures for that visit, and afterwards, you will find that you have little or no memory of the procedure! With sedation dentistry, many procedures can be performed during one dental visit alone. In one visit, years of problems or neglect can be corrected in a relatively short period of time.

Who is a candidate for sedation dentistry?

People who have:

  • High fear of the dentist;
  • Traumatic dental experiences from years past;
  • Difficulty getting numb enough;
  • A severe gag reflex;
  • Very sensitive teeth;
  • Time intensive complex dental problems;
  • Limited amount of time to complete their dental care.

People who have:

  • Hate shots and the very thought of needles in their mouth
  • Cannot stand the smells, noises and tastes associated with dental care
  • Are afraid or embarrassed about their teeth or being judged by the dental office personnel

Frequently asked questions

How many visits will I need to complete my work?

With sedation dentistry, you will be so relaxed and sedated that we can often make up for many years of missed treatment in one visit! This is something we can discuss at your initial appointment. If you need an additional visit to seat a crown, for example, you could be sedated for that visit also.

Will I really be totally relaxed with sedation dentistry?

This office has provided patients with over 5,000 sedation experiences. We are very confident that you’ll be completely unaware of the dental treatment and have no memory of your visit. You will not be asleep or unconscious, as this is considered general anesthesia, but will be very, very relaxed, and largely unaware of what is happening with your dental procedures.

Will I have any memory of my sedation dentistry visit?

Our experience is that you will have little or no memory of the procedure. If you do not want to remember anything about your dental visit, choose the sedation dentistry option. Please read our patient testimonials on this question.

Should I be concerned about pain during the dental procedure?

Patients typically experience no discomfort or pain during treatment and experience less post-appointment pain when compared to patients who do not choose the sedation dentistry option.

With sedation, what dental procedures can I have performed?

All procedures offered by our office can be performed with sedation dentistry, including cleaning, extractions, dental implants, dentures, lumineers, cosmetic crowns, impressions and periodontal gum disease surgery. The only limitations with sedation dentistry will center on your individual health status.

How safe is sedation dentistry?

We operate under sedation dentistry protocols. We review your medical history prior to scheduling your sedation appointment and consult with your physician if necessary. We also monitor you closely while under sedation to avoid any unexpected complications. Your safety is our greatest concern!

How long will I be sedated?

Many of our sedation dentistry Hendersonville visits last from two to six hours. The variation in time will vary depending on the specific procedures you need. We can talk about your specific time needs at your initial consultation.

Do I need someone to accompany me to my appointment?

Yes, you will need someone to drive you to and from your visit. The effects of the sedation medication will stay with you even after you leave the office. Because of this, we recommend that someone be with you at your home after your visit to ensure your safety.

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