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Periodontal Services
in Goodlettsville, Tennessee

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Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the bone that surrounds the teeth, and it’s actually one of the most common dental health problems.

While its symptoms may seem relatively harmless at first, such as: red gum tissue, slight oral bleeding, foul breath. If these symptoms are untreated they can lead to serious consequences over time such as: the loss of healthy teeth, receding of gums, non-reversible gum loss.

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Periodontal Services

Upon your visit, we may recommend the following services when treating periodontal disease:

Antibiotic Therapy

Anti-bacterial treatment may be directly applied to the treated areas of your mouth in order to aid with bacterial control. This treatment is often combined with scaling and root planing to help restore and maintain good oral health.

Scaling & Root Planing

This in-depth cleaning is designed to go a step beyond our traditional hygiene, getting rid of bacteria that are located under the gum line and along the rough tooth root surfaces. We’ll smooth these areas to help prevent future reoccurrences as well.

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