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Loose Dentures
in Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Before consulting your dentist, there a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Can you still chew food properly? If you are finding you’re having increasing difficulty chewing your food, this may be a sign your dentures need to be replaced.
  • Does your bite still feel normal? Teeth are designed to mesh with one another. If your dentures no longer fit properly, you will feel this as you bite.
  • How worn are your dentures? Dentures wear over time. Do your dentures feel flat and no longer have the ridges and crevasses they once did? You may not have noticed your ability to properly chew food has diminished. If your dentures are worn and you replace them, you will notice a dramatic improvement.
  • How satisfied are you with your appearance? Do your teeth still look bright when you smile? Dentures require cleaning on a daily basis. Failure to properly maintain dentures will cause them to discolor. Dentures are prone to the same discoloring teeth are. If you wake up to a morning cup of coffee and eat dinner with a glass or two of red wine, your dentures will discolor just as teeth will. Cleaning dentures, like brushing teeth, will help prevent this. If you no longer are satisfied with your smile, it may be time to consider replacing your dentures.

The only sure way to ensure your dentures stay in place is by dental implants. These are titanium plants that will be put into the root and eventually fuse with the bone. While implants can be put in place at any time, it is recommended this procedure be performed later in life. If you are experiencing severe bone and tissue loss, a realigning of dentures will be a temporary fix at best. Dental implants are the only way to ensure dentures fit properly and securely. It is not necessary that every missing tooth has a corresponding implant. Two are often all that are needed to provide stability for your dentures to remain fit and snug against your gums and jaw. Dental implants are more expensive than regular dentures.

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