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Dental Bonding
in Goodlettsville, Tennessee

When is dental bonding used? Dental bonding is an option that can be considered:

  • To repair decayed teeth (composite resins are used to fill cavities);
  • To repair chipped or cracked teeth;
  • To improve the appearance of discolored teeth;
  • To close spaces between teeth;
  • To make teeth look longer;
  • To change the shape of teeth;
  • As a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings;
  • To protect a portion of the tooth’s root that has been exposed when gums recede.

The Tooth Bonding Procedure

Dr. Weaver carefully selects a composite resin (dental bonding material) that matches the natural shade of your teeth. He then roughens the existing tooth so the resin can adhere properly. Next, the composite resin is carefully applied to the tooth, shaped, and smoothed to achieve the desired look. It is then quickly hardened using a high-intensity light. Lastly, the bonded tooth is buffed and polished, so it has the same appearance as the surrounding teeth. People are unlikely to detect any difference in the shade, it’s that good.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

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