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Cosmetic Denturesin Goodlettsville, Tennessee

A loss of certain key teeth will make you unable to chew your food. It is important for good digestion that food be chewed properly, not only to break it down into smaller pieces but to add saliva. Chewing and saliva are the first step of digestion. Without teeth, your food will need to be pureed. While this gives you nutrients, it is not as healthy as chewing. Drinking can be a problem, especially if you are missing your front teeth. If you’ve ever had Novocain and tried to drink while your lips and gums were still numb, you know how difficult it can be to sip a glass of water and not dribble it. Your teeth are vital components of proper speaking. Your tongue uses teeth to snap consonants such as T’s, make sounds such as TH, and pronounce S’s without lisping. A loss of teeth can sometimes make it very difficult to understand a person.

A loss of teeth can alter your appearance. Depending on which teeth are lost, your face may have a sunken and saggy look. People who go for a long period without teeth find their faces prematurely aging. This is due to the fact that teeth act as supports for the muscles in your face. Without them, the muscles will sag and line prematurely.

It is not uncommon for people who have lost teeth to feel self-conscious. Some people will go so far as to avoid social situations, even contact with others, as they are too embarrassed by their appearance and speech. It does not have to be this way.

Cosmetic dentures are replacement teeth. Whether you have a partial or total loss of teeth, you can be fitted with a denture that will replace those you lost.

If you are considering dentures, you must take a number of considerations into account. What is your state of your physical and dental health? You must be in relatively good physical health if you are going to have teeth removed. Even then it is important to evaluate the health of your remaining teeth. Many people who feel they have “bad teeth,” opt to have them all removed and replaced with a set of complete dentures. Most people regret making this decision. If it is possible to retain some teeth, especially on the lower jaw where even a single tooth will make a dramatic difference, by all means do so. Partial dentures are fitted around remaining teeth. With a remaining tooth to anchor a partial denture, a much more stable platform is created than complete dentures provide.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentures

You must consider the state of health of your gums. Your gums must be free of diseases such as gingivitis. If you are having complete dentures, your gum line, the notches and crevasses where your teeth used to be, must be well enough to allow the denture to fit over it giving the dentures a good fit.

When getting dentures, your dentist will check your bite. You must have dentures that mirror the way your original teeth were. How your bite formed and came together is a very important factor in the design of individual dentures. Not only does this allow you to chew properly, but it also keeps your facial muscles operating as if your teeth were still there. This prevents premature sagging or lines.

Types of Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic dentures come in different varieties. Mention has been made of complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are for those who have experienced a complete loss of teeth. The teeth are bonded onto plates which fit over your mouth and gums. Partial dentures are for those who’ve experienced a partial loss of teeth. Here the dentures are fitted onto a metal or plastic bar that snaps firmly onto the surrounding, remaining, teeth and gum.

Immediate dentures are a short term solution to trauma such as oral surgery or injury and loss of teeth. If teeth are extracted during surgery or knocked out due to a violent blow, it will take a few months before the gums and jaw bone fully heal. Until they do, it is impossible to properly fit dentures for long term use. While waiting for your mouth to heal, you can be fitted with immediate dentures. Immediate dentures can be somewhat uncomfortable and will require a few adjustments as your mouth heals.

Upper dentures are like complete dentures, but are designed for those experiencing a complete loss of upper teeth. A plate will be fitted for your upper mouth, jaw and gums. This plate will suck into place much like a suction cup. For those who require more stability, gels are available to help the plate adhere better.

Over dentures are for those who have experienced a partial loss of upper teeth. Here again, a plate is fitted for the individual. The denture is not free floating like a complete denture but uses surrounding teeth as an anchor to keep them firmly in place. Over dentures Nashville are particularly useful for chewing.

Partial dentures are for partial tooth loss. Fashioned around your gums and missing teeth, partial dentures use your teeth as anchors, keeping the denture firmly in place. Partial dentures help you chew your food better. They also act as a buffer by preventing your remaining teeth to shift and move into the open spaces. When teeth are lost, good oral hygiene must be maintained as the gaps between teeth are more susceptible to gum disease. Partial dentures aids in keeping the gums clean and free of disease.

What to Expect?

Your dentist will first make an overall assessment of your mouth. If any teeth are rotten, they will first be extracted. The gum line will be checked to determine if any work must be performed before fitting you for dentures. Things such as boney protuberances will cause pain and must be removed. Once it is determined your mouth is healthy and ready to accept dentures, your dentist will consult with you on what type of Dream Dental cosmetic dentures Nashville you need and what style of dentures you want. A mold will be made of your jaw and gums, and your dentures will be fashioned from this.

It is normal for denture wearers to experience some discomfort at first. This should go away within a week or so. If you continue to feel pain, consult with your dentist as you may need some adjustments before attaining the perfect fit. It is not uncommon for denture wearers to have 2-3 adjustments before a perfect fit is established. With proper care you can expect your dentures to last 8-10 years. Please call us if you need more information about cosmetic dentures.

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