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Three Reasons Not to Pay a Dentist for Your Custom Night Guard, Goodlettsville

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BY Dream Dental
  1. Night guards are dental devices with which one can sort out certain dental issues. Sometimes we wake up with a sore jaw or pain in the teeth or the head. One should pay a visit to a qualified dentist or a professional to ask the reason for this. This could be the result of a condition called bruxism. This is also referred to as teeth grinding and are said to affect about ten to fifteen percent of adults, as per the American Dental Association. There are different ways to deal with this issue. One of the methods which are commonly used is a night guard. This is available over-the-counter in most chemist shops. For making use of this, one needs to boil it for some time, cool it off and bite into it to adjust it to shape in your mouth. At times, we can even get night guards custom made. If these do not give a snug fit in your mouth, you are well within your rights to ask for your money back.
  2. Night guards who are custom-made are done so by a professional dentist after taking an impression of the gums and teeth in the dental laboratory. These are usually more expensive than the ones which are purchased straight from over-the-counter in the chemist shop. If the night guard has not been made to perfection, it can cause you to feel uncomfortable. If can make any patient uneasy and not able to eat or talk properly. Also, the night guard, if not manufactured to perfection, can easily come apart or even get a bit disfigured with regular use. This too is not a condition one wishes to be caught in. Hence, the patient is well within his or her rights to ask for money to be paid back to him or her.
  3. At times the night guard is made of a material which is not conducive to getting adjusted to the mouth area. It is too hard or is too soft and is not malleable. This happens when the substance which is used for the manufacturing of the night guard is not of very good quality. Also, it is not something which can be made in a proper custom-fit manner. As a result, when it is worn in the mouth area, it does not make a good fit. Also, some times the real issue of headaches when you get up in the morning or after a nap during the day, persist. This happens even after the use of a night guard. Or else, the partner one is sleeping next to still complains of snoring and sound-making which disturbs him or her. If such is the case, it is obvious that the night guard is not effective and is providing no relief from bruxism or teeth grinding to the patient. Hence, he or she is well within his or her rights to ask for the payment to be returned.

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