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Solutions for the Common Denture Problems - Goodlettsville, TN

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Dentures have always been an ideal solution for those who need either multiple or entire teeth restorations. And with the continuous advancements in dentistry, it has been improved over the years to provide better and favorable results. Dentures are now natural-looking and more comfortable compared to its older counterpart.


New patients experience some of the most common problems when wearing dentures. It usually happens when the appliance is not properly maintained and cared of. We at Dream Dental want to share the solutions to help our patients enjoy their new set of dentures!SlippingDentures may move out of position when a person is smiling, laughing, and eating. If this happens to your new dentures, try biting it down gently to reposition the appliance followed by swallowing. Eventually, you will learn how to properly hold dentures in place by using your cheeks and tongue. If this continues, seeing the dentist for adjustments is necessary to guarantee a snug fit.Soreness and painWearing new dentures may cause soreness and pain. It is quite a common thing to experience after application. Rinsing the mouth with a saltwater solution can help reduce these. If soreness and pain persist, having a dentist check your denture works best.Too much salivaIt is a common occurrence since the mouth thinks of the denture as a foreign object that should be flushed out. Once the mouth has adjusted in wearing the appliance, it will just subside. In the meantime, swallowing more and enjoying sugarless mints can help. Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.Speech problemsNew dentures may interfere with the speech of a patient. It may be challenging to learn how to move the tongue around to produce the appropriate sound, but eventually, it will become normal. Reading aloud and singing can help you get used to forming certain words. Doing this will ultimately make you feel more confident in speaking with your dentures.Trouble when eatingNew dentures make eating quite a challenge. Biting or chewing foods can make it slip out of position, and some foods may even get stuck under the appliance causing discomfort. Eating soft foods for a few days and slowly shifting into a solid diet can help in the adjustment process.At Dream Dental, we understand that many people encounter difficulties with their new dentures. To help eliminate these issues we offer a free examination which includes x-rays and thorough dental evaluation to guarantee the best fitting and natural-looking dentures!For inquiries about Dentures in Goodlettsville, TN, call us at Dream Dental. You can also visit us at 900 Conference Drive #6A, Goodlettsville, TN 37072.

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