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Orthodontics 101: Should Adults Give It a Go? - Goodlettsville, TN

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Most adults tend to live with their orthodontic issues, believing that they are too old to undergo appropriate treatments. And the usual reason why they would rather put up with their dental troubles instead of taking action are the hassles associated with the traditional methods. Contrary to what most people believe, orthodontics is for anyone at any age. With the continuous advancements in dental technology, it is even now possible for children to get one.Adults should know that there are now various options that they can choose from to get the most suited treatment for their needs and preferences. Instead of using large, unsightly metal brackets and wires, smaller and less conspicuous components are now utilized. Clear plastic trays and braces at the back of the teeth are also available. All these are developed with the aim of providing comfortable, practical, convenient, and overall favorable orthodontic experience.At Dream Dental, we offer an orthodontic approach to our adult patients. Compared to the other options available in the market today, this method straightens the teeth discreetly and quickly. By quick, we mean in an average of six months, thanks to Six Month Smiles!

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Reasons to Consider Six Month Smiles

Quick and EasyPatients should understand that despite the fast treatment, the effectiveness in moving the teeth are not compromised. Results, as explained by the dental professional, can be attained in more or less than six months.CustomizedThe orthodontic approach uses modern technology plus the expertise of the dentist to create a customized treatment plan per patient. Patients are assured that the overall planning of the procedure puts their preferences and needs into account to make the experience and results highly favorable.ComfortableMost people assume that due to the fast results, the procedure may cause more pain and discomfort. Do know that Six Month Smiles deliver a constant yet much-controlled force to move the teeth effectively with less pain compared to the traditional treatment.Cost-effectiveSix Month Smiles becomes cost-effective due to lesser dental visits and shorter treatment time. As a result, patients can spend less money in the long run.Improved ConfidenceThe effectiveness, durability, and discreteness of the device make it a highly favorable option even to adults. As a result, they will be able to worry less and smile more during and after the whole treatment time.The road to straighter and healthier teeth begins with an initial consultation. If you’re looking for Six Month Smiles in Goodlettsville, TN, contact us at Dream Dental to schedule an appointment!

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