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Fight Dental Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry in Goodlettsville, TN

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It is not uncommon for some people to feel fear when they are about to undergo dental procedures and even when just planning to do so. Dental anxiety might have developed due to several factors, and it can get in the way of having the necessary treatments needed for the maintenance of their dental health. The expert team from Dream Dental can provide Sedation Dentistry to perform the required procedures to help patients feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole process.

Sedation Dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry and How can it help?

Sedation Dentistry is the procedure that uses medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. Keeping them relaxed can stop them from feeling anxious or scared during the whole process which is beneficial to those who developed dental anxiety and phobia. Dental Anxiety and Phobia can be caused by:

  • Past negative experience
  • Feeling of helplessness
  • Embarrassment due to the mouth’s condition
  • Uneasiness at the thought of dentists, dental equipment, and procedures
  • Fear of Injections
  • Fear of the side effects of Anesthesia

Different types of Sedation Dentistry is offered to help patients overcome their dental fear which can benefit their overall dental health by getting the treatments they need without triggering their anxiety and phobia.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

  • Oral Sedation. It is the type of sedation where a patient is given a pill to take it orally an hour before the procedure that can put the patient to the state of drowsiness, but still awake.
  • Intravenous sedation (IV Sedation). It is when a sedative is injected into the patient’s vein that can provide deeper and faster sedation. Although the patient is awake, they will not remember much of the procedure.
  • Inhaled Sedation (Laughing Gas). The sedation is administered combined with oxygen using a mask that the patient will inhale to provide relaxation and comfort. It keeps the patient awake, and it tends to wear off quicker than other types of sedation.
  • General Anesthesia. It is the type of sedation that makes a patient entirely unconscious and unaware during the whole procedure. They will not be easily awakened making it ideal for the patients who want to be fully relaxed and comfortable.

Sedation dentistry is of great help to patients to get all the necessary dental treatments needed to achieve an excellent overall dental health. Our dentists from Dream Dental can provide sedation options depending on the status of a patient’s overall health.Everyone deserves an anxious-free, comfortable dental experience. Avail of our Sedation Dentistry services in Goodlettsville. Book your appointment with us at Dream Dental, call us.

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