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All about Adult Braces in Goodlettsville

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Adult people are prone to dental imperfections which makes them conscious and embarrassed when smiling. Dental issues such as teeth overcrowding, gapped teeth, crooked and misaligned teeth are common which causes adults to spend their lives covering their mouth while smiling, speaking, and laughing; they tend to feel stuck since traditional metal braces might not be a good idea to wear for years. Here at Dream Dental, we offer Adult Brace service or commonly known as Six Months Smile to give an adequate and aesthetically pleasing treatment for Adults.

What is Six-Months Smile?

Six-Month Smile is an alternative treatment for traditional metal braces designed to give the patient the desired smile for only six months time. It is aesthetically pleasing since it is made of transparent brackets and tooth-colored wires making it ideal for adults. Six Month Smile focuses on straightening the front teeth gradually which takes only six months; thus making it a comfortable and excellent choice for adults who do not want years of treatment.

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Advantages of Six-Months Smile

  • Short-term Treatment

Six months Smile, from the word itself, takes only six months to be completed. The Patients can achieve the desired beautiful and perfect smile following the six months treatment.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Six-Months Smile is made of transparent brackets and tooth-colored wires, it is nearly invisible making it ideal for patients, especially for adults.

  • Less Expensive

The treatment is affordable compared to traditional braces.

  • Excellent Results

The outcome of the treatment is comparable to traditional brace treatment. The patient can achieve straight and healthy smile for a short period compared to conventional braces.

FAQ’s about Six-Months Smile

  • Do Six Months Smile damage teeth and gums?

There is no risk of damage associated with  Six-Months Smile since there’s only light force used with treatment.

  • Do I need retainers after the Treatment?

All orthodontic treatments require the use of retainer after the procedure to ensure stability and correct positioning of the teeth.

  • How can teeth be Straighten for only six months?

Six Months Smiles use the latest technology and techniques in dentistry to correct teeth positioning quickly. For adult patients suffering from teeth imperfections that affect the smile and facial appearance, Six-Months Smile is a great help to fix such problems. Visit Dream Dental to undergo check-up and evaluate if you are qualified for Six-Months Smile Treatment.Bring out your best smile with Six-Months Smile in Goodlettsville, book your appointments with Dream Dental! Call us at (615) 334-8507 to experience outstanding results to make your teeth naturally beautiful and healthy.

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