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A Simple Guide to Help Make Dentures Last Longer

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BY Dream Dental

Dentures are ideal for people who are missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even an entire dental arch. Although it is one of the traditional solutions to tooth loss, many patients continue to prefer it compared to other options. Fortunately, as newer restorations are introduced, conventional procedures are still not lost—instead, they are also improved to cater to the modern times.

For those who still prefer dentures, we at Dream Dental prepared a list of tips to secure the longevity of their oral appliance. Continue reading below!Avoid certain foodsFor denture wearers, staying away from hard, chewy, and sticky foods is ideal to avoid the appliance from staining, being damaged, or causing unnecessary discomfort. It is best to follow the recommendations provided by your dentist and stick on a healthier diet that is also easy to consume.Give the mouth a breakDentists encourage patients who wear dentures to take off their oral appliance at least six to eight hours a day. This practice is essential so that the tissues in the mouth are given enough time to recover from irritations and soreness caused by wearing dentures throughout the day. The best time to remove dentures for the mouth to rest is during sleep. Take this time to give the dental device a soak in warm water or a special solution for cleaning and also to prevent it from drying out.Be gentle when handling denturesDespite being designed to withstand chewing and the use of more durable materials, it is still possible for dentures to break, especially when dropped or bent. That is why when cleaning your dentures, make sure that you handle them with care and take precautionary measures to avoid dropping or breaking them.Clean dentures every dayAlthough dentures won't acquire cavities, patients are advised to continuously perform proper oral care since they are still susceptible to stain and foul smell. Aside from brushing any remaining healthy teeth, patients should also wash their dentures regularly. Using a toothbrush, denture cleaner, or cleaning tables (for soaking) would suffice.Never use hot waterAlthough people usually use hot water to sanitize items, never do so with dentures since it can cause dentures to warp. Once this happens, you will need to have your oral appliance repaired or even replaced.Aside from the tips listed above, make sure also to take note of the recommendations given by your dentist to care for dentures properly. If these are observed, you can enjoy your oral appliance longer than its supposed lifespan.Do not miss out on life because of tooth loss! Get the second chance you desire and deserve by taking advantage of our Dentures in Goodlettsville, TN. Call or visit us at Dream Dental to get started.

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