Why Are Cosmetic Dentures Important in Goodlettsville?

Cosmetic dentures are very different from the traditional mold of false teeth which we know about. These can make a person’s facial features stand out well. This is done because there is an increase between a person’s upper and lower jaw lines and as a result, the facial muscles get a sort of a lift. This reduces the number of wrinkles around the mouth of a person. Via computer imaging techniques, one can go “shopping” for new teeth. One can begin this process by selecting from a set of denture bases in colors and styles which go with your natural gums. Also, one gets to pick your teeth from different types. One can opt for teeth which are whiter or longer of shorter than the ones you already have and can go in for something else you wished for. In short, one can even go ahead and custom design one’s smile, so to say.

How are cosmetic dentures manufactured?

Cosmetic dentures utilize the latest techniques available in this line. Earlier on, denture bases were made via a heat curing procedure because of which the bite molds would get changed a little. However, this distortion is taken care of with molded acrylic bases which do away with shrinkage and warping. The outcome is that one can get denture bases which are best go with the gums and hence are a very comfortable fit and thus are very stable.

It is implanted technology which is made use of in cosmetic dentures. Titanium screws are implanted into the jaw bone via a surgical procedure. The jaw bone grows around the titanium screw naturally, and it takes about three to four months for it to get implanted firmly in its place. This methodology works well in the case of one tooth or even several teeth.

The traditional set of dentures needs to be replaced every five to seven years. They can become loose with time. Also, they need to be removed at night and placed in a container with the cleansing liquid to which a cleansing tablet has been added. The dentures have to be brushed with the same cleansing liquid. Care has to be taken that no plaque build-up takes place on the dentures. Also, they have to be shown to the dentist on a regular basis.

For the traditional set of dentures, an imprint of the teeth and gums is taken and sent to the dental laboratory. The set is manufactured there, and it is placed on top of the gums. In the case of dental implants – these are permanent fixtures which are never removed from the mouth. Also, if looked after well, these can last the entire duration of the lifetime of a person. However, even in this case, oral hygiene should be maintained at all times. One should brush at least for two minutes duration twice in a day. Regular flossing should also be done.

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