Signs That Indicate the Need for Denture Replacement – Goodlettsville, TN

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For years, many people consider dentures to be the viable solution for their missing teeth. Although there are now various options, people still choose the traditional approach over others due to various factors like the cost. However, other patients thought that getting their teeth restored starts and end when they wear the appliance. What they fail to understand is that dentures should be replaced after a certain period.


At Dream Dental, we want our patients to be fully aware of everything that they should expect when it comes to their overall oral health. Dentures, a type of prosthesis that helps patients regain their lost smiles will change over time. There are things that they should watch out to know if it is time for a replacement. Here is the list we prepared:

Change in fit

Due to the lack of natural teeth that stimulates the jaw, dentures will eventually become loose. When this happens, patients will find simple tasks like speaking and eating quite hard. At the same time, to those who do not wear the oral appliance much will find it fitted tightly. Due to this, it is highly recommended for a patient to see the dentist regularly for checkup and adjustments.


Dentures can be either made of acrylic or high-quality ceramic, but they are only expected to last for seven to ten years. If a patient finds themselves wearing the same appliance for more than its lifespan, then it’s time to have the dentist assess its condition.

Damaged base

The base of a denture is vital for it to function correctly. If it is damaged, the best course of action is to have it replaced.


Over time, small cracks or fractures may appear on the oral device. Not only will it affect the appearance of dentures, but it may also compromise the health of the gums. Bacteria and other harmful substances may accumulate in these small cracks, which if left untreated, can lead to gum infection.

Poor fitting

Believe it or not, an ill-fitting denture can lead to dental, shoulder, back, and neck pain. So we suggest having it routinely checked to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

Dentures are one of the ideal solutions for the replacement of lost teeth, so to ensure its longevity, patients should observe the proper habits. Make sure to watch out for the signs listed above to enjoy the benefits dentures has to offer.
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