Orthodontic Tips for Adults

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When it comes to braces, the ones who usually come into mind are teenagers with a mouthful of brackets and wires. However, contrary to what others believe, adults can still take advantage of the benefits offered by orthodontic treatments since it is ideal for people of all ages.
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Nowadays, more and more adults are taking advantage of orthodontics for them to finally attain the smile they have always dreamed of. Remember, there is more to having the teeth straightened than just a beautiful looking smileā€”it also helps in keeping the mouth in shape. At Dream Dental, instead of offering the traditional approach, we offer Six Month Smiles for an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and fast orthodontic experience. As its name implies, the average treatment time is only six months compared to the conventional option that requires a couple of years or more. Aside from installing the orthodontic appliance, we even prepared a list of tips below to make their experience as favorable as possible.


One of the most basic recommendations when it comes to oral hygiene is for patients to brush their teeth twice a day. However, when wearing braces, brushing after every meal is best. The reason is, food can get caught in the orthodontic appliance. And, the longer these are left unattended, the higher the risk of oral complications. To make this habit easier, start by rinsing the mouth with water to loosen the stuck particles. It is ideal to brush along the gum line, including above and below the brackets for effective cleaning.


Brushing alone won’t do; that is why it is recommended that patients floss at least once a day. When wearing braces, each bracket and in between the teeth should be flossed. To help make it easier, consider the use of special flossers like an orthodontic floss or floss threader. Considering waxed instead of an unwaxed floss is ideal since it would be easier to slide between teeth without getting caught with the braces.

Watch the foods to eat

Aside from keeping the appliance clean, it is highly advised for patients to watch out for some food since some can damage the device. That is the reason why there are a few food restrictions. Some of the foods to avoid may include:

  • Sugary and starchy
  • Chewy and sticky
  • Hard and crunchy

Aside from candies and hard foods, even healthy foods like apples and carrots are off-limits due to their hardness. To consume these, patients have the option to crush or slice them into smaller pieces.


With these tips, we at Dream Dental hope that adults will feel more confident and ready to give orthodontics a go. To get started, we offer Six Month Smiles – Adult Braces in Goodlettsville, TN! Call or visit us at 900 Conference Drive #6A, Goodlettsville, TN 37072.