Important Facts About Root Canal Therapy – Goodlettsville, TN

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Root canal treatment gained a bad reputation that it does not deserve. It is one of the dental procedures that are surrounded by many misconceptions which people choose to believe. As a result, if they are recommended to undergo one, they often respond with uncertainties.

Everyone should understand that as much as possible, dental professionals make it a priority to provide every patient with a pleasant experience. And every dental procedure is not meant to cause pain; instead, they are being performed to serve as a solution. That is precisely the case with root canal treatments. Still unconvinced? Here is a list of facts about the said procedure we at Dream Dental prepared! Read on.

root canal therapy

The treated tooth is protected

Patients are usually worried because the treatment involves accessing the inner portion of the tooth. But actually, there is nothing to be worried about since after getting rid of dead tissues, the dentist will be filling the tooth. Doing so prevents harmful substances from entering the treated pearly white that can potentially cause more problem. Aside from a filling, it is ideal for patients to consider a dental crown for more reliable protection for the tooth.

It is not a permanent solution

Although infection is removed, do know that developing other complications like cavities and gum disease are still possible. But as for the treated tooth, as long proper practices are performed to maintain the state of the crown, patients can enjoy the aesthetics and function of their treated tooth.

Do not think of delaying treatment

An aching tooth can signify the rise of infection inside the tooth. The pulp which is located in the center consists of blood vessels and nerves; that is why it is painful. It is possible for the pain to subside, but it is not something to be joyful about because it may indicate that the pulp begins to die. If left unattended, more pain and even the formation of the abscess will follow. To prevent these, seeking immediate treatment as soon as it showed signs is a must.

It is always better to save the tooth than have it extracted

Aside from a root canal, extraction is the other solution for a tooth infection. However, as much as possible, saving the tooth is always the better option. If a tooth is lost, surrounding teeth may begin to shift and cause more troubles in the long run.

As mentioned above, a root canal is thought to be a painful procedure, but do know that we at Dream Dental are here to help. We make sure that only minimal discomfort and pain is to be experienced by patients during the treatment.


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